The Big Miracle That Happened in a Small Moment Today


With light pressure on my gas pedal, I’d easily engaged all eight cylinders, quickly reaching the 45 mph speed limit on the straightaway near my house.  There was nothing but a green light ahead of me – until she decided to ignore her red light.  There absolutely wasn’t enough time to stop on the damp pavement.  I slammed on my brakes and tensed in anticipation of the collision into the passenger side of her sedan while my purse, laptop and lunch become airborne.  It is absolutely, scientifically impossible that my car stopped as far from her car as I found myself.  I was completely dumbfounded – no squealing tires, no metal crashing into metal, no shattering of plastic and glass.  Then, my angry horn broke the silence as I looked for a place to turn around and tell this stupid woman how pissed off I was with her crappy driving.  I mean, she could have really injured us both with her carelessness!

And then, I realized that it was absolutely, scientifically impossible that my car stopped as far from her car as I had found myself.  The only explanation for what happened to me was divine intervention.  I am a horrible driver and I know my car doesn’t stop that quickly, especially when I’d been accelerating not a second before slamming on my brakes on wet pavement.  It truly was surreal – all my belongings were flying through the air, but I wasn’t even jarred in my seat.  He reached down and stopped my car as a child would reach down and correct an out of control Hot Wheels car.  And it dawned on me that He probably didn’t save me from that crash just so I could give a complete stranger a piece of my mind.  So the question is, if God reached down and saved you from harm, what would you do to say thank you?  Here is the wakeup call: He has saved us all from so much!  We all have so many blessings in our lives that we take for granted each and every day.  Life may seem pretty rough some days, but if it were gone in an instant?

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