A Horse is a Horse Unless of Course That Horse is an Angel in Horsehair

IMG_4645This beauty is named Abby.  She, along with about a dozen other hoofed ‘Angles in Horsehair’, are responsible for healing and providing hope for hundreds to North Carolinian kids each year.  Kids who have literally been discarded, kids who have endured the deepest, more horrific kind of abuse, kids who have suffered unimaginable loss, kids whose parents have divorced, kids who just need love and encouragement.

I would have loved to have had a place like this to run to and heal when, at 14 year old, cancer stole one of my closest childhood friends.  To deal with the pain, the anger, the guilt.  When you’re a child and something ugly comes into your life, it is really hard to cope.  Heck, some days I have a hard time coping with bad traffic!  In North Raleigh, there is a place where families can heal, where children can learn to trust, where horses can literally save someone from the deepest pit of utter despair.  And they need help to continue to minister to children and their families at no charge, to help put right what has gone so terribly wrong, to help create a world changer from one who is weighed down by the world.  Check out Hope Reigns of Raleigh to learn how you can help today.

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